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Year 2


Using talk to write plans for:

  • Recounts – using past tense and time connectives.
  • Story writing in a familiar setting.
  • Revise Phase 5 phonemes and introduce Phase 6 suffixes prefixes, plurals and tenses.
  • Develop editing skills to improve work.
  • Handwriting – focusing on correct letter formation and joining.


  • Odd and even numbers.
  • Halving and doubling.
  • Adding and subtracting – using a variety of strategies including partitioning, number lines, hundred square and adding one, two and three digit numbers.
  • Shape- naming 2D and 3D shapes and describing their properties.
  • Investigating number problems. Working systematically.


  • Health and Growth- Exercise and hygiene helping humans keep themselves healthy.
  • Food types- Exploring the different food types and the importance of a balanced diet.


  • Access school website and navigate different learning areas.
  • Use a variety of programs and equipment to support learning in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Use internet to research information.
  • Edit and save work.


  • Pitch- Composing simple 3 note patterns.


  • The life of Guy Fawkes

Physical Education

  • Multi Skills.
  • Healthy Schools Week – taster sessions for Tennis, Football, Judo, Boxing.


  • Observational drawing.
    Scaffitti- firework pictures.


  • Acting out scenes from the life of Guy Fawkes.