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Year R


Here are some links to useful websites.

We are looking at letters and sounds.

Can you play this game?

…or this one?

There are lots of books to read on here. Ask an adult to sign you up, it’s FREE!

Click on the literacy menu in Education City to learn all about reading and writing.

Eveyone has a login, if you have forgotten it, ask your Teacher.



Try these:


We are learning to count and recognise numerals. The link to Education City where you’ll find lots of games to help you with this is here.  Just click on the Maths Section.

Have a play with numbers!

Some fun games to play!

Can you count?

Try ordering numbers correctly.

Take a look at these shapes.

Sing along to these:


This page will keep you informed of the element of music your child will be learning about this half term. It will also keep you informed of the music he/she will listen to each week during their music lessons.   Click on the links below to join in with some songs with your child at home.

Music of the week

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This half term we are learning about:-                    Pitch                       (High and Low sounds)

The music we have been listening to this week is:-

Teddy Bear Rock and Roll.

We have been learning the words and dancing in time to the music.

Sing the song at home.  Here are the words to help you.

Teddy’s feeling sad today

Got to chase those blues away

We know just the very thing to do

Listen while we sing a song

Soon you’ll want to jive along

It will bring a smile to me and you.

Shake those paws little teddy bear

Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy

Like you just don’t care

Take those feet dancing everywhere

And let’s rock.

Twist and shout, take a jump or two

Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle,

‘Til your fur turns blue

Take my hand ’til the music’s through

And let’s roll.